My research interests are located at the intersections of social anthropology, social theory, gender studies, transnational sexuality studies and queer theory.

I have a long-term interest in, and a commitment to, ethnographic research in Guatemala, where I first worked with ex-combatants of the guerrilla organization Fuerzas Armadas Rebeldes-Unidad Revolucionaria Nacional Guatemalteca (FAR-URNG). Since 2009, I have been working on legacies of the Guatemalan conflict from the perspective of an ethnography of transnational adoption circuits. I also write about theoretical issues, drawing on a range of traditions of critical thinking in transnational gender and sexuality studies.

Theorizing Ethnography: Concept, Context, Critique is a new book series by Routledge Anthropology – Paul Boyce, Elisabeth L. Engebretsen, EJ Gonzalez-Polledo and Silvia Posocco – Editors

Decolonizing Sexualities: Transnational Perspectives, Critical Interventions is a new book co-edited by Sandeep Bakshi, Suhraiya Jivraj and Silvia Posocco published by Counterpress in October 2016.

Above:  Image #1, Peten, Guatemala, 2000; Image #2, Haggerston Tube Station, London, Public Art by Acanthus W Architects, 2012; Image #3, The Walthamstow Tapestry (detail), Grayson Perry, William Morris Gallery, Walthamstow, London, 2012; Image #4 Dia de la Dignidad y Resistencia de los Pueblos, Remembering those killed in the massacre in Totonicapan, Guatemala City, 12 October 2012; Image #5 ‘How many more dead, President Otto Perez Molina?’, Dia de la Revolucion del 1944, Guatemala City, 20 October 2012; Image #6 ‘El Rostro del Genocidio’, ‘The Face of Genocide’, Mural Installation in Zone 2, Guatemala City, with image of the exhumation in the Military Zone of Coban, Alta Verapaz, Guatemala, Installation by Anonymous Artist, 3 November 2012; Image #7 Graffiti by Anonymous Artist/s, on the wall of Cine Lux, 6a Ave. 11 Calle, Zone 1, Guatemala City, 18 December 2012.   All photographs, Silvia Posocco. Click on the image, to see the others in sequence.



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